Advanced Manual Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation
The Sports Medicine Clinic's physical therapy department is staffed with an advanced team of sports, orthopaedic and manual therapy specialists. They offer leading edge skills in assessment, treatment and individualized planning for return to competition or daily activities.

As a patient, you will experience the competent use of manual therapy, which includes joint mobilization, soft tissue work, motor patterning and the latest advances in exercise techniques, which may include scientific exercise progressions, or STEP.

You will receive a personalized exercise program created specifically for you. Our therapist will guide you through this specialized program which will address the stage and nature of your specific ailment or injury.

Our therapists will work with you to expedite your return to your chosen activity, whether that is a championship level of competition, the rapid return to work or a stroll around Green Lake on a brisk Saturday morning.

All of our therapists are prepared to provide you with the help and guidance that you need in your quest for wellness.

Physical therapy appointments can be scheduled at by calling (206) 368-6130 (North Seattle) or (206) 782-0218 (Ballard). To learn more about our physical therapy services, visit the Advanced Manual Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation web site.